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Get to Know Our Peak Team: Jessica Bruno

Meet Jessica, who is a passionate team player both in and out of the office.

Peak Construction is successful because of the team we’ve built. Get to know Jessica Bruno, Office & Marketing Manager.

Jessica’s passion for the company makes her a true team player within the Peak Construction family. Outside of the office, Jessica spends her time building memories with her son, Oliver. Get to know Jessica—you’ll be glad you did!

Bachelors of Science in Commerce (BSC), Management

20+ years in management, including office, project, marketing & sales resource management in architectural, construction, political, finance and manufacturing industries.

What do you like most about working at Peak Construction?
I like so many things at Peak Construction, it’s hard to narrow down! But I can say my top two are that I enjoy that my job and my role are never the same every day—it’s always shifting and keeps me engaged and on my toes; and the people – they are some of the most amazing, intelligent, funny people around.

You wear so many hats throughout the day, how do you manage your schedule?
With a ridiculous amount of scribbled notes, calendar and iPhone reminders—now that I wrote that out, it doesn’t seem manageable, does it? Ultimately, I’ve found the best approach is a proactive one. I like being out in front of it and know what’s coming down the pipe.

What is your favorite project to date?
Unconventionally, when we created PeakGiving and built a 20’x40’ horse shelter for BraveHearts. More conventionally, I had the opportunity to be involved on the project management side of the demolition of a client’s old building. It was an incredibly challenging experience and I definitely learned a lot!

What would you tell your younger self about this business?
I’d tell her to trust her gut, keep pushing and that her hard work will be rewarded, sometimes in unexpected ways.

What is the best advice someone gave you?
The best advice I received was, “You are about to walk into a man’s world.” And that was from a man. Even with all the experience I had gained up to that point, that statement stuck with me. Another lens dropped and I was able to better appreciate, if not yet fully understand, that perspective as newly-minted college graduate.

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