Challenge: Peak was engaged by Black Creek Group, along with Construction Manager Podolsky Circle, to construct a new speculative distribution facility in Naperville.  The project encountered a number of challenges including the discovery of contaminated soils and significant weather-related impacts.

Solution: To reduce the costs associated with contaminated soil haul-off, the project team re-assessed and implemented solutions to utilize the soil onsite, thus creating a $300,000 cost savings.  The Chicagoland weather was particularly authentic during this project’s schedule creating substantial consequences.  Peak planned ahead to mitigate Chicago’s inclement weather to complete critical work before the season, as well as, mitigate overall winter conditions costs. The pad was lime stabilized after deterioration due to excessive rain and asphalt was expedited before seasonal plant closures to keep the project on schedule.  Peak’s comprehensive communication and coordination with the Developer, Construction Manager, and Design and Subcontractor Teams facilitated the incorporation of unique problem-solving methods resulting in “first-ever” feedback on building quality levels from the Owner and Development Manager.  Additionally, Peak’s management of the project resulted in being engaged to complete the office tenant improvement.