Challenge:  Peak was engaged to construct the 157,043 square foot speculative warehouse facility amidst persistent supply chain and price escalation issues as COVID-19 aftereffects.  Securing both precast and concrete was difficult due to post-pandemic supply chain troubles while roofing material experienced price escalations spurred from the same catalyst.  Furthermore, Peak faced complex issues related to infrastructure and design of the building in conjunction with continuing construction of the 150 acre business park and additional buildings.

Solution:  Understanding these challenges, the project team was proactive with material purchasing to secure unusually long lead-time materials.  They also worked with the roofing supplier to mitigate price escalations as much as possible.  Additionally, Peak deployed a design-build approach with a non-linear and unorthodox schedule to keep the project on-schedule and on-budget, including proceeding to execute site work before the precast panels were delivered.  Collaborative and creative problem-solving and ongoing communication resulted in a successful project.