Challenge: Manage the design and construction of this 450,000 SF modern warehouse distribution facility involving both the relocation of a FEMA flood plain and floodway as well as an acceptable “fast-track” schedule over the winter.

Solution: Peak worked closely with Catellus (ProLogis) and Dobrin Associates to design and construct a cross-docked, 32′ clear distribution facility. This facility has special hydraulic dock equipment, an ESFR pumped fire protection system, a metal halide lighting system, and an 80/20 engineered air rotation heating system. A variety of obstacles were encountered on this project including FEMA flood plain relocation, a “fast-track” schedule and significant fall rain which delayed the completion of grading and site work. The final implemented solution involved the completion of selective grading and site work to permit approximately 225,000 SF of the building to be enclosed prior to winter freezing. The balance of the building would resume following the spring thaw. This strategic solution enabled the client to move-in on schedule.