Challenge: Peak was awarded DCT’s Midline project in mid-fall with an immediate start. In addition to winter construction, and four nor’easters, Peak was challenged on the project with a benchmark elevation discrepancy in the drawings, moisture sensitive soil and sitework conducted by the Owner prior to Peak’s engagement.

Solution: Peak communicated and established a high-level coordination standard for the entire team at the project’s start, as well as, utilized our established relationships with local subcontractors to foster a productive foundation for timely and effective project progression.

With no immediate tenant, the weather conditions did not require schedule acceleration and the team was able to adapt to the unpredictable delays of winter construction. Due to Peak’s Quality Control process, the project team caught the elevation discrepancy and was able to remedy and avoid future challenges associated with the inaccuracy. Moreover, the Owner hauled off material to help eliminate the elevation discrepancy. With regard to the moisture sensitive soil, French under-drains were installed in the pad to help alleviate construction and building issues while pouring concrete slab on grade and tiltwalls.