Challenge:  Peak was awarded the construction of a new speculative warehouse/distribution center.  The project team faced a number of challenges, some of which weren’t revealed until after the start of the project.  Initially, the demolition permit for the existing building was paused, delaying the start of site work. Then hidden foundations were uncovered during the excavation of the footings, as well as perched contaminated groundwater which had to be stored and removed from the site.  Additionally, an under slab vapor mitigation system was added to the scope of work mid-project, which required extensive coordination with the core and shell and tenant improvement construction activities.

Solution:  The solutions necessary to mitigate these unique challenges required meticulous coordination and transparent communication.  Once the permit was released, Peak and the demolition subcontractor worked judiciously to expedite the timetable to keep the project on schedule.  The hidden concrete foundations discovered during excavation were removed to create the bio retention basin.  Peak worked closely with the environmental contractor, utilizing Frac Tanks, to pump and store the groundwater uncovered during the unforeseen foundation removal to be tested and properly disposed.  Peak integrated a vapor mitigation system below the subgrade to properly ventilate the contaminated groundwater hundreds of feet below the surface with limited impact to the project schedule.  Despite these unique impediments, Peak was able to positively deliver the project.