Challenge: Manage and develop Project Design Performance Criteria for FHP, provide analysis of available market options, and manage design, permitting and construction. Objectives included the establishment and management of detailed goals for schedule, quality, LEED certification, expansion requirements, and initial lease provisions permitting facility purchase at a later date.

Solution: Peak worked closely with Darwin Realty and Development to develop design and construction criteria for multiple developers to prepare project lease/purchase option proposals for LEED Silver Certification. Unique project details include 35,000 SF of corporate offices, injection molding, dual primary electrical transformers, with back-up generators, warehouse lighting from a combination of natural clearstory perimeter vision windows supplementing motion activated energy efficient fluorescent fixtures and natural light recharged photo luminescent rack exit signs throughout the warehouse. The final project solution enabled FHP to integrate a previously purchased third-party component into their manufacturing process and just-in-time delivery for assembly and shipping.