Challenge: Building A was the third and final building to be erected in Clarion Partner’s Heartland Corporate Center in Shorewood, IL. Peak was challenged with constructing the building during winter months. Due to the geotech report indicating substantial sandy soils, geo-fabric was recommended to separate the subbase from the stone base. This was anticipated to aid with construction during the winter, however, it ended up being a detriment.

Solution: After completing the facility’s sister structure, Building C, two years earlier, Peak was engaged to construct Building A. The schedule required construction to begin in the fall and continue throughout the winter months. Peak engaged two unique solutions to aid with winter construction – 1) the roof was left off the building so as not to create a “cooler” during the spring thaw, and 2) geo-fabric was utilized to help increase soil stabilization and ground support.

Leaving the roof off until near completion did eliminate the issues of prolonged and delayed “thawing” of the building during the spring months. Conversely, the geo-fabric performed exactly the opposite of its intention because significantly more clay than sand existed within the building pad. It did not allow the necessary drying of the subbase as well as prevented equipment from exposing the subbase to dry. Peak resolved the issue by undercutting the subbase and removing the geo-fabric in locations where proper compaction could not be met. Our “do the right thing” approach only strengthened our relationship with the Owner and we continue to work with them.The building was completed and fully leased in nine (9) months.