Challenge: Peak was challenged to construct three (3) buildings with overlapping schedules in a revived ten year old business park. A turnkey sale of the buildings would occur at the project’s completion translating to working with two owners throughout the duration. Additionally, the Fire Protection Department exists and operates separately from the Village, creating an atypical layer of municipal involvement, and the bioswales, and landscaping intended to reduce surface water runoff, were operating unsuccessfully affecting Village confirmation of completion.

Solution: Peak initiated the venture by strategically coordinating with the Project Team – developer, future owner, architect, civil engineer and the Village of Bloomingdale. Full Team participation at the onset confirmed project goals, schedules, responsibilities and expectations thus reducing many of the pitfalls associated with a multi-staged development. Peak built a professional and productive relationship with the Fire Protection Department that resulted in successfully achieving the Department’s advanced standards all within the original schedule. The bioswales created a unique challenge in which many solutions were applied ineffectively. Finally, a new sand/soil mixture was administered that resolved the issue.