Challenge: Peak was originally awarded this project by a Developer that was later purchased by another company after site work had started, but prior to construction.  The change in the Owner/Developer Team resulted in overall project scope and construction modifications.  The project was surrounded on two sides by residential properties requiring the construction of a 24’ sound barrier.  The New Jersey Department of Transportation was also simultaneously conducting their work around the site perimeter in addition to ongoing work to rearrange public utilities – electric and telephone/internet – on site.

Solution: To facilitate a smooth project transition between ownership, Peak thoroughly and frequently communicated with the new Development Team establishing a reliable relationship.  Peak worked diligently with the residential neighbors to mitigate and resolve their concerns throughout the process, especially during the onset of site work and sound barrier construction.  Communication and recurrent coordination was also key to working with the New Jersey Department of Transportation and public utility companies so that all parties remained on schedule and out of each other’s way.