Challenge: Riddell conducted a highly confidential and comprehensive optimization analysis for their new Northeast Ohio site selection. This required a complete analytical evaluation of multiple available real estate locations, respective site development costs, available local and State of Ohio incentives, optimal facility layouts generating lower product costs through manufacturing product flow analysis, reduced labor costs, improved productivity and process efficiency all resulting in increased overall profitability. Peak participated as an elite evaluation team member providing expertise on numerous critical constraints including real estate location and access, site entitlement and regulatory approvals, public transportation and labor availability, design and zoning differences, local and State incentive opportunities, construction cost variances and magnitudes, operating expense variations, timing and schedule evaluation differences, and public utility constraints and required relocations or improvements which were all incorporated into the final operating comparison model and final location selection recommendations.

Solution: Peak and the evaluation team participated for over six months gathering critical solution option-specific criteria corresponding to numerous alternatives and fine tuning a comprehensive operating system evaluation model for Riddell approval. Various real estate locations were evaluated with respect to implication quantification linked to risks as well as timing for regulatory approvals and implementation for the respective site options. Following Riddell’s approval of the Team’s recommendations, Peak was engaged to coordinate all project details corresponding to the approved real estate site due diligence, simultaneous local municipality incentive approvals and project permitting, and the land purchase and closing. Once those were complete, Peak was authorized and fully engaged by Riddell for design coordination and optimization, subcontractor qualification and selection, construction cost control and management, project schedule implementation and progress adjustments, product and system quality control criteria establishment and performance measuring, and interface with Riddell third party vendors. The Riddell project solution was completed in less than nine months and exceeded every original project timing, quality and cost goal.