Challenge: Peak was challenged with constructing a new speculative warehouse. The site did not have a domestic well drilled and, subsequently, the building required a plumbing redesign to house a water conditioning room for the well water treatment.  The fire water service was provided by an offsite well and pump house not under Peak’s construction.  Additionally, existing onsite soils were moisture sensitive, and the schedule experienced a pandemic-related switchgear delay, along with significant weather delays.

Solution: First, Peak worked with a local subcontractor to have the domestic well drilled and conditioning equipment installed; the relationship with them was key as it helped guide Peak through the approval and sanitation processes in New Jersey.  Next, utilizing a proactive approach, Peak coordinated their work with the offsite fire water subcontractor to ensure there would be no delays in receiving an adequate fire water supply.  Furthermore, Peak worked with the civil contractor to actively develop cost effective measures to alleviate the poor soil conditions through soil cementing, Geotech fabrics and adding more structural soils to achieve necessary compaction.  They also worked together to mitigate the excessive amounts of spring rain which required a schedule adjustment to delay SOG and tilt-walls and accelerate steel delivery and erection.  Lastly, through Peak’s relationships, they were able to outsource an alternate switchgear to replace the one delayed, and modified it to meet local, state and power supplier’s requirements.