Challenge: Peak was awarded the construction of R+L Carriers renovation and expansion. Strategic coordination, scheduling and logistics to maintain the client’s operations during inclement weather were the overall challenge, including construction of both a new office and maintenance building along with demolition of both existing spaces, and a dock terminal addition.

Solution: Peak deployed a multi-phased construction plan to enable an organized and efficient schedule tackling these challenges while keeping R+L operational.  First, Peak built the new office to move employees and operations.  Before demolition of the existing office space, temporary heated trailers were brought on-site to relocate temperature sensitive products because the new office being constructed was the only heated area of the dock terminal.  Simultaneously, the new maintenance building parking lot was constructed and completed to allow for employee parking while the new office lot was constructed.  A temporary drive-in ramp was installed, as well, to facilitate the new sanitary lines for the office and dock addition, and the team coordinated with the electrical and fiber utilities to synchronize shutdowns/new installs of services.  While the new maintenance facility was built, a new fuel pump was installed prior to the old building and pump being demolished.  Finally, the dock terminal addition was constructed once the new maintenance building and parking lot were completed and demolition of the existing structure could proceed. The team switched out the existing electrical and fire protection services during non-peak hours to keep operations running, as well as installed a new scale while the existing equipment was operational, eliminating down time.  The project was successfully completed in 12 months.