Challenge: Peak was challenged with constructing the third million-plus square foot building in a new logistics park. The project required an expedited schedule along with the organization and management of importing and retrofitting steel from the owner’s canceled TWP project across the country, which subsequently modified the existing building footprint mid-construction. Inclement weather conditions were also a challenge during the project.

Solution: Peak worked with their subcontractor team to complete the exterior work and close the building envelope within six months through weekly coordination and planning meetings, as well as synchronized map creation ensuring all parties were organized and met the expedited schedule. To incorporate the steel from the owner’s canceled Colorado project, Peak met and coordinated with their trade partners and trucking company to manage shipping logistics both in Joliet and Colorado to organize and execute the plan. This included field measurement of the existing steel in Colorado created for tilt-wall panels which required the Joliet building’s precast dimensions to change to accommodate the new steel. Subsequently, the existing steel loads did not meet the new load counts for snow drifts so additional meetings with the project team were implemented to confirm loads at parapet locations. Ultimately, Peak delivered the project on time and, by incorporating the new steel, was able to provide the client with significant cost savings.