Challenge: Peak was engaged to construction manage all aspects of an approximately $80 million dollar, thirty (30) month development project following HUD (Housing and Urban Development) requirements.  The project was developed on an 11-acre campus, including five (5) separate apartment buildings with underground parking with a combination of three (3) and four (4) story profiles.  The overall project included one (1) and two (2) bedroom units within each building onto a heavily landscaped and “state of the art” enhanced security campus.  The overall project included a common clubhouse, swimming pool, picnic and barbeque gathering areas, jogging trails, a dog park, nearby transportation, restaurants, shopping, and other retail amenities supporting a live, shop and work integrated living option for residents.

Solution: Peak worked directly for the developer, Interstate Partners, to thoroughly review permitted design documents and manage all daily activities of the general contractor, regulatory authorities, and developer directly acquired FFE/OSE to make sure the budget, schedule, and overall quality all exceeded the developer project objectives and requirements.  Some of the obstacles encountered over the project included adverse weather, material delivery delays, foreign material added tariff costs from on-going Federal legislation and trade restrictions, design errors calculating the required ADA (American Disabilities Act) access clearances, public utility service delays, design changes required by local regulatory permit approvals, concealed unsuitable soil on the site, theft and vandalism during construction activities, replacement of project equipment and materials delivered to the jobsite not meeting the HUD energy specifications and modeling requirements of the permitted design.  The key to most successful projects starts with a strong team all following the processes created to ensure that not any single decision or error occurs without checks and balances integrated with redundant and efficient review and approval processes.  Peak worked closely with Interstate Partners to create this project specific review and approval process building trust and confidence with the various stakeholders including the developer, designers, regulatory entities, general contractor, subcontractors, material suppliers, and the field workforce.  Peak created and executed a project specific review and approval process in addition to incorporating redundancies, focused on finding issues, quantifying the cost, time and quality impacts of the findings, identifying the accountable parties, and detailing the available alternatives minimizing the overall impact to the project goals and objectives.  Peak helped direct key decisions along the way, including selecting alternative materials and suppliers, approving selective field and shop overtime costs to make up lost time, and modifying project details and designs to reduce costs and completion times on the project.  The net result of our Peak process enabled this project to receive all required approvals, exceed quality objectives and remain below the overall project cost and contingency budgets.  This project is 90% occupied today.