Challenge: To execute a deep renovation and addition to an operational Ford Dealership by demolishing, expanding 25% and demolishing 75%, of the existing facility. The newly completed Dealership facility includes new showroom and sales areas, new customer lounges for sales and service, renovated administrative offices, new parking lot and site lighting, an expanded automotive service area as well as a new car wash facility. All work was required to take place while the dealership service areas remained operational. The project also required existing public utility capacity adequacy analysis, conformance with the new 2012 State of Illinois energy code requirements, and perimeter exterior lighting and vehicle access modifications caused by IDOT right-of-way condemnations. This Ford Dealership project was designed and under construction in pursuit of LEED Silver status with expectations of becoming the first LEED Certified Ford Dealership in the State of Illinois.

Solution: The Peak Team executed a completely tailored and collaborative design/build project delivery approach hand-in-hand with the owner to determine updated Ford standards/design requirements, integrate existing facility conditions/systems, and prioritize owner required operational requirements. This approach produced a cutting-edge design coupled with a phased project delivery approach that took advantage of all possible existing building systems while renovating/expanding the facility in a logical order to maintain automotive service operations throughout construction. Peak applied ROI analysis in order to determine the final scope of work to achieve the quality and cost for a successful project including re-use/enhancement of building Fire Protection, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, Vehicle Exhaust, Compressed Air, Communication and Data Low Voltage wiring, and Electrical primary and emergency power and lighting systems. The final design and construction of all core building operating systems required integration into retained architectural wall and roof elements as well as incorporation of existing building structural roof, wall, and foundation systems with the new overall design to create a completely new image and customer experience. Peak led the design team to achieve a proposed 55 point Silver Level LEED certified project to guarantee this project would produce the first LEED Certified Ford Dealership in the State of Illinois.