Currently Jeff Musielewicz joined Peak as Project Manager and was later promoted to Senior Project Manager. Jeff’s responsibilities include all aspects related to Project Management, including strategic collaboration between the owner, owner’s representatives, design professionals, subcontractors, and municipal and regulatory code officials. He is also responsible for daily site coordination with the Peak Project Superintendent, owner and subcontractor contract and change order management, monthly draw request review and management and overall project direction.

Expertise With a background in commercial, wireless communications infrastructure and residential construction projects, Jeff offers a seasoned perspective to his clients and overall project team. This comprehensive experience coupled with Jeff’s commitment to quality and communication allows him to successfully deliver projects on-time and under-budget.

Experience Prior to joining Peak, Jeff held Superintendent, Project Manager and Director positions at such companies as Riedy Construction, Scientel Wireless, Centaur Construction Company and Lakewood Homes. Jeff has worked on projects ranging from $100K-$40Min multiple markets and has worked with clients such as Wendy’s International, The Goddard School, Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets and Citadel. Jeff’s most recent projects for Peak are IVM Chemicals’ 13,500sf facility, IDI’s 90,000sf VW expansion, and Beijing Taihua Group’s 137,640sf Rock Run Industrial Park facility.