Currently Jessica Bruno joined Peak in 2012 in the capacity of Office Manager and was soon promoted to the additional position of Marketing Manager. Jessica brings critical thinking, enthusiasm, and creative solutions to every Peak challenge and assignment. Her contributions impact Peak’s success daily in the areas of sales, marketing, client interaction, operations, accounting, and office management.

Expertise Jessica brings over 20 years of diverse business and office management experience to Peak. Her management training and attention to detail have equipped her with a wide skill set to quickly identify the needs of the company, provide solutions, and support all aspects of the business in order to achieve short- and long-term goals.

Experience Prior to joining Peak, Jessica held positions with The Haymarket Group, Ltd., zpd+a, DiBenedetto & Associates, Ltd., and A Packaging Systems. She also has provided various fundraising programs for a variety of political groups. Jessica’s experience includes managing and maintaining information, systems, project-related data, and other unique needs for Sales Teams, Project Managers and Executives. She has designed and implemented internship programs, philanthropic programs, company websites, and systems for gathering outside data. Additionally, Jessica is well-versed in streamlining internal processes to achieve more efficient and effective results.